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The Fabbrica dei Lumi is a company of artisans

that for three generations has been dedicated to the art of illumination.

We design and create lighting sets for parties

patronal, major events and weddings.

We sell and rent our works

to public, ecclesiastical and private entities.

We bring the design and the ancient tradition of illuminations

in homes with productions, including customized ones,

of lighting systems for interiors and exteriors.

30 km from Bari, at the gates of the Murgia National Park, between Ruvo di Puglia, Corato and Terlizzi, in the province of Bari, between houses

of stone, cathedrals and olive trees, our grandparents began to devote themselves to the ancient art of LUMINARIES. Since then we have never

stopped and so after the grandparents continued our fathers and today we, children and grandchildren, take up the witness of an ancient

artistic and artisan tradition and we carry out the most beautiful work in the world; we are ARTISANS OF LIGHT.
We design and build large scenarios and architectures made of lights, colors, geometries, flowers, arches and stars that make you dream,

then as now, adults and children, entire cities, the South of our country.

Today we combine the use of technology to design with the ancient, completely manual practice of the masters of the past

and create more and more beautiful and detailed works but always careful to combine tradition and innovation to offer to ours

customers high quality and increasingly sustainable products. We design and build our works using the same materials

of tradition such as wood, water-based paints, light bulbs (now led), nails and hammer alongside digital machinery that

allow us to create ever more efficient and brighter products and to reduce the energy impact that ours

work has on the environment. Our modular works thus become large luminous scenographies for the squares and streets of the

countries and cities throughout Italy but also beautiful furnishing elements for homes, gardens, offices, shopping centers that

they want to add an artistic, original and poetic touch, made up of hundreds or thousands of colored light bulbs.

Our experience and the precious help of new technologies allow us today to create customized works as well

and on request. We work with public and private, ecclesiastical and commercial bodies to design new installations together

able to make both indoor and outdoor environments, urban spaces, squares, streets but also parties and special events unique.

We dedicate a particular design work to CHRISTMAS, a period in which cities dress up and we dress up with ours

teams of specialized workers and our aerial platforms we install large luminous scenographies that give back

the magic of Christmas to entire villages and to the eyes of adults and children who want to indulge in the magic of light.

The Fabbrica dei Lumi was born in 2020, today it is based in Ruvo di Puglia, our showroom is on the tree-lined avenues of the beautiful

medieval historic center, we are always open to welcome you and show you live what the photos, albeit beautiful of this one

site, they cannot render: the magic of a past time, of light, of a time to continue to imagine, together.

We are waiting for you!

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Daniele Cipriani

Chiara Ferrieri

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